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Man ... this trailer. Yes 2013 first-person slasher Techland Hellraid has a ridiculous name

. And yes, the Dead Island never been perfect games
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The first details of Techland
Hellraid were revealed in the Polish site Eurogamer. The game is an RPG first-person horror / fantasy style with Techland portray Chrome Engine 5 melee and spell based on the fight against various demons, skeletons and other baddies. As Dead Island , the game has four archetypes that players can work together, even if they are the classes instead of characters:. Warrior, paladin, mage and thief
The game will be influenced by the older games like ?first

Quake Joystiq
[ and] second


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PlayStation 2 GameStop cease all related to trade-ins from 1 June, according to a photograph of a store display broken by user eGORapTure Reddit, seen after the break. We contacted several GameStop locations and confirmed the news that all PS2 games, accessories and systems will not be accepted for trading in all U.S. stores at this time.

PS2 Production Systems Japan ceased at the end of December 2012, after nearly 13 years and 150 million units were shipped worldwide. Joystiq
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PS2 stop taking payment June 1

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Activision a lot of money. Bobby Kotick has a lot of fat, too. CEO of the publisher saw its cash and prizes leap of total compensation of $ 8.1 million in 2011 to $ 64.9 million in 2012, according to Bloomberg, a figure that would make him the second best paid CEO among U.S. listed companies.

Kotick is due for another $ 16 million if the company achieves performance targets, too. Most of his compensation came in the form of stock awards valued at $ 55.9 million. (Although the jacket over the next five years, Activision has the obligation to inform each of them at once, now.) The cash salary he received was more or less the same as always, $ 8.33 million.

But a management consultant had a beef with executive compensation Activision in the past, and it does not make it happy. "We do not like any part of the compensation package," Nell Minow, GMI Ratings, told Bloomberg. "In the past, we have expressed concern about the company and its compensation practices . "

Minow said Activision is not clear how Kotick earned money. "The lack of information provided by the Compensation Committee is a red flag," he told Bloomberg at. "It is very difficult to discern how to determine the remuneration of the information that was provided." She said that equity awards are not sufficiently related to the performance and Kotick said the entire compensation program is out of proportion to the video game industry. Kotick not only the highest paid CEO in the game publishing, the dollar value of all of its program last year put him second only to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison of remuneration of executives in 2012, Bloomberg said. Neither Activision nor its majority owner, Vivendi, responded to requests for comment.

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This may seem obvious to some, but it's still a little sad. As people age, they tend to worry about video games less as Facebook data Do you think this will happen?

Remember that we said that we would be able to play HD remakes of the first three

Phoenix Wright

iOS games gVirt_NP_NN_NNPS __

? That has never happened. For some reason, Capcom quietly delayed the HD port of his adventures lawyer, first in April and now ... July.

response to a question from a fan in the forums of the company yesterday, Capcom VP Christian Svensson said they bumped the release back.

"For unknown reasons, the launch slipped several more months of July," he writes. "Sorry guys:. ("

Zeno Clash II

Let's watch the first few minutes of Zeno Clash II screenshot is almost here, so why not take a look at some of the first few minutes. Not much happens in the video as a developer ACE team did not want to spoil too much, but I see some interesting things like retro video.

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"He loves coins. And I love this little place here, which is a dead end. "

To complement its


document entitled "The first level of Super Mario Bros. is easy with lexicographic orders and travel time ... after it gets a little complicated, "author Tom Murphy has produced a video that shows his approach AutoPlay NES. Work behind the paper is real, well presented, according to Murphy. Start reading for yourself and see why such a thing should be noted.

Watch a computer learn to play Super Mario Bros. screenshot two versions of the video are surprisingly entertaining, with excellent reviews and references thrown in. Basically, a program is trying to "win" more games like

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After recently
Gemini Rue
, I wanted more adventure games digest. I grew up as a big fan of Space Quest, so a game with a strong dose of humor looked great. So I opted to play
Day of the Tentacle

. This is my first time in the game, and I was surprised to see how a game as old as this 1993 classic LucasArts can always make me laugh.

time I'm done with

Day of the Tentacle

, I will definitely need one or two suggestions about what should play next. Therefore, the question this week is: What is your favorite adventure game, and what is your best memory of this game? As you ponder your answer, see webcomics from last week and vote for your favorite after the break!


kitchen fire (Brawl in the Family)

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Dark Souls 2's box art is many shades of grey

Art Box
Dark Souls
recently appeared on the web, and a guy with a firearm away from the insurance fund. For all we know, the man can walk backwards holding the sword, so vivid. Package shooting Gif yet to be made.

High resolution versions We placed the box art, courtesy of All Games Beta, a gallery for your viewing pleasure below.

Dark Souls coming to Xbox 360, PC and PS3.


Gallery: Dark Souls 2 (Box Art)

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Scribblenauts unlimited

is one of the Amazon "Digital offers match the "week available for download on PC for $ 8.99. Interestingly, the "week" of the agreement began today, so you have until April 17 to pick it up. But not Starbucks for two days and you correctly. Joystiq

If you take an infinite universe of objects, and then adjust things are not enough for you, you can also get ...

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You may be known to the before play arcade games - or assume prior knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons ... or a video game. But

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Next Batman game is called

Batman: Arkham Origins , and will be conducted 25 October on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. It is a prequel

Arkham Asylum and

Arkham City

Warner Bros. Montreal is doing the game, took the mantle of Rocksteady Studios, the developer behind the two critically acclaimed first. You can see one of the villains, Deathstroke, make an appearance in the back of the

Game Informer cover pictured above. The plot of the game consists of eight of the most dangerous murderers of the world who come to Gotham City on Christmas Eve. Their goal: Batman, of course. The game takes place in the streets of Gotham, according to the developers, who hyped the game on a video

Game Informer Site 's.

hand There is also a spin-off entitled

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editorial explains why, despite increased in the enamel and quality efforts, big budget games missed expectations.

a "Great Depression" of sales in North America is to blame for big budget games Square Enix Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution and Sleeping Dogs understatement, the publisher said.

In company documents released this week, said Square Enix games despite receiving generally favorable marks from critics, for sale - at the company should - not followed .

"However, we were very disappointed to see that high scores do not translate into actual sales performance," said Square Enix.
  • As previously announced, Tomb Raider (3.4 million), Hitman: Absolution (3.6 million) and Sleeping Dogs (1,750,000) did not meet sales expectations of Square Enix.
  • Square Enix has released this week gaps in their context. Based on the content, sex and scores, the company said it expected to spend Tomb Raider 5-6000000 units, while Sleeping Dogs and Hitman: Absolution sold 2-2500000 and 4-5500000 units each, respectively.
"The European market is generally soft," said Square Enix. "But what struck us most was the huge drop in sales in North America. Not only low sales, but also affected by additional costs to deal with distribution channels, such as price protection and discounts, which put enormous pressure on our earnings. "

Square Enix expects an "extraordinary loss" for the year ended March 31. The company is looking for the new president Yosuke Matsuda - replacing longtime executive Yoichi Wada - transformation of society in times to come. He promised a full review of the company.

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