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GI.biz In an interview with Warren Spector said he did not regret his decision to sell the studio junction of Disney 2007. "Being part of Disney has had its ups and downs - right - but the last seven years, I shook the hand of the best experiences of my professional life very seriously, very best The reverse is also true, but good ... I do not want to remember it that good times "

about the possible closure of the study and uneven commercial success, Spector said:" I do .. not really understand, but it is. Junction Point was a good year for the implementation of eight years. ''ve built a great team.' I worked in a lot of interesting things, even though many of them have not seen the light of day (sleeping giants ... Ninja ... or other things that I can not speak), and sent the two AAA titles, which, despite Metacritic, sells better than any game I've worked on and I got more -. and honest - fan letters that I received, I'm good with everything "Joystiq

Spector based Junction Point Studios in 2005 ... He is best known for the production of two

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superb Joystiq podcast this week is mounted on the ways of heaven to reach the top.

Discussion Thurs Real conversation. It's back to the regular season after a week of transactions and Xav, Ludwig and Mike Schramm is to speak at length about the game in recent weeks,
BioShock Infinite

. Ludwig also gives his opinion on one of the first games of the new generation has shown,
    and Mike educates the group on some of the best indie is at GDC 2013.
  • in other news, the decision of Alexander, Jess, Jordan and coverage LucasArts Disney to close after 30 years, layoffs at Square Enix,
Tomb Raider

"disappointing," and more.

sure to take the gaming segment recorded live on YouTube every Thursday. The edition of this week, you can see on the YouTube page Joystiq, and after the break Joystiq

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Capcom has a new trailer Remember Me

with certain types of enemies, marginalized mutants, robots, etc. There is also an amount perfectly the protagonist, Ni'lin, to commit these antagonists. It also has a ton of reasonably safe backup resembles the type of music that uninformed people like me call "dubstep" but not as strong.

In case it was not painfully obvious in the previous paragraph

Remember Me

The enemies in Remember Me sure look freaky screenshot not yet clicked for me. There is no reason I can offer for this, as it seems to be composed almost entirely of things I like. It is daring to propose an alternative to play the white man with dashing good looks (I have a mirror, thank you). The setting is a dystopian science fiction where the thoughts of all men belong to a corporate master (

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Vanillaware Joystiq scrolling beat-em-up

dragon Crown

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Contrast preview


If the smart play in this clip of the shadow changes puzzle

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Microsoft renews Killer Instinct trademark

Microsoft and Fox have worked their quarrel on the Killer Instinct brand, and basically promised not to sue each other. "NeoGAF hosts a copy of the "coexistence agreement marks", signed at the end of March, the two sides Anything that allows you to use the brand as long as they do not penetrate into the other territory.

Microsoft will stay away from doing a television short while Fox will do its best not to make a new game in a franchise that has not seen a new episode since 1996. Joystiq

This odd bump webcam September 2012 ICT, while Microsoft has announced the intention to renew the brand. Two months later, we learned that the rebranding was rejected because of the brand of Fox on the TV. And no, he has not said a new

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Life, death and legend of LucasArts

LucasArts became one with the Force. The venerable editor of the study was closed by the owner Disney yesterday, stopping production of their games, including

Star Wars 1313.
Although the amount of content that comes from studies has decreased significantly in recent years - long before Disney bought Lucasfilm in October 2012 - was a loved succeed in decades But is LucasArts games so special? Although LucasArts may be best known for her
Star Wars

games - starts from the branch of Lucasfilm Games George Lucas, producer - greatest hits of developers in the 1980s was point and click adventure games. The classic Maniac Mansion

, released in 1987, introduced the SCUMM engine, which would provide the model for most of his adventures in two dimensions (including several Joystiq
Indiana Jones


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Storyteller at GDC

"Wait, except that. Nobody has ever done before. You made things more complicated."
Daniel Benmergui reached to grab your mouse and save a screen capture of my panels in comics storytelling game

, where he

invented a story of love and loss system based on the page, with a trio of static characters. One click and let me regain control Benmergui -. He took his place on my shoulder in a quiet room away from the main hall of the GDC, paper and pencil in hand, taking notes on my thought process visible when playing on screen Joystiq

did not feel like I'm judging by the stupid errors or delays in the narrative logic - In

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NIS America has partnered with Atlus to bring

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan

in Europe this summer. This a-maze-ing dungeon crawler is too good to be missed by our friends across the pond, so congratulations to NIS America to do this for them.

Etrian Odyssey IV comes to Europe this summer screenshot summer is not too far, but still a little wait. Good news for the impatient: A Dungeon 2 demo game will come to Nintendo eShop earlier this summer, too

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Kendall Boyd leaves Gears of War studio after three years to manage the marketing of Halo.

Gears of War and Unreal Engine studio Epic Games will pass without its main marketing person. Kendall Boyd left the company after three years and assumed a similar role at Microsoft, where he will lead the marketing efforts of the Halo brand.

"We can confirm that Kendall Boyd joined Microsoft Studios as Director of Global Marketing Halo," a Microsoft spokesman said international games industry. "We are delighted to welcome both Halo, but no other details to share at this time."

    exact title of Epic Games was marketing research director in the world. In this role, he oversaw the franchise before marketing as Infinity Blade and Gears of War and Unreal Engine. Boyd was also responsible for establishing and maintaining business relationships with clients such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Apple.
  • A representative of Epic Games Boyd recognizes output in a statement to the international gaming industry, but did not elaborate on its plans for the position to move forward. many senior staff Epic Games have left in the last year, including design director Cliff Bleszinski, director Mike Capps, Gears executive producer Rod Fergusson, and People Can Fly co-owner and creative director Adrian Chmielarz.
Chinese Internet company revealed last month that it paid $ 330 million for 40 percent ownership of Epic Games and designated the directory company representatives.

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