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rigorous fitness. Intense concentration. Of training and discipline years to become a living weapon. Yes, Jet Li is a tough guy books. But who would have expected a man like him could provide support as our bell favorite hobby?

The martial arts superstar was a special guest at a recent

Age of Wushu

PvP tournament in China, where she talked about her story with video games in an interview with Chinese media website 17173. Apparently, Li is really in PC games while filming his second film at the age of 20 years and his interest blossomed from there -

Jet Li: Rise to Honor

for PS2, anyone?

Jet Li says games can be as demanding as physical sports screenshot

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wrote: "Mining companies are developing new systems for the automation of iron ore breath with the same adapted physical engine for open source games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption same engine determines. 3D collision detection and body / rigid and soft body dynamics in games apply to movement modeling 3D Blast - that will predict where they will land blasted material and the distinction between ore and waste fragmentation predictive models of ovens in the past have generally been [. mining engineer, digital or empirical Alan Cocker] said numerical models of discrete element method, he said, are expensive to implement and require resources -. both computer and human -., and are generally not suitable for operational use mine "The problem with empirical models, however, is that they tend to operate at a scale too coarse to provide useful results for optimization, "he added, stressing Kuz models based fragmentation typical Ram (PDF) (widely used to estimate the explosion fragmentation) assume homogeneous geology (the same type of material) through an explosion."

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waiting Minecrafters "the end" of luck, because 4J Studios says Title Update 9 launches on Xbox Live Arcade "right now" . It is expected that tomorrow, but it means an early release, we suspect, most weekends some people will start a day earlier.

The End, Ender Dragon is not the only inclusion in TU 9, you can see the change log for the update on the official website Joystiq


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Come join Vicarious Visions, one of the developers of the games most dynamic and creative game industry. For over 15 years, VV games have been pushing technical boundaries to deliver addictive and immersive art bringing both characters and gameplay worlds to life on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPhone, and other platforms forms. Vicarious Visions, located in Albany, NY, has gained critical acclaim with hit titles such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2? ?, Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero: On Toura ?

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Rage 2, however, have rejected.

a "new version" of the ad, but long missing Doom 4 is still in development, publisher Bethesda said.

Speaking to Kotaku, Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines has confirmed that the game was still in development, with many sources suggest a release on next generation consoles.

"A first version of Doom 4 does not show the quality and id and Bethesda intend to deliver enthusiasm and conviction that the world expects" fans, said Hines.

"As a result, id has refocused its efforts on a new version of Doom 4 that promises to meet the high expectations everyone has for this game and this franchise. When we are ready to discuss death 4 Identification is doing, we will let people know. "
  • sources say that the original version of Doom 4 - What originally dubbed "Call of Doom" - was abandoned in 2011 after id Software developer completed work on Rage. Sources say that the original version of Doom 4 has borrowed many elements of modern games and creative shooting.
  • "People refer to Call of Duty," said a source. "There were jokes like:" Oh, it's Call of Doom. "They reference because the amount was scripted'there had a lot of game is scripted. It was a kind of recognition that to be a great shooter these days, you need a certain amount of fat, experience the grandiloquent people pulled through. '
  • cinema
other source Bethesda Rage 2 provides abandoned after the original made a critical and commercial expectations, and put everyone on ID to work on Doom 4. It is reported that the executive told project managers ID that Doom 4 should have the same commercial success, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

But while John Carmack said the game is "done when you" QuakeCon 2012, another source says that Doom 4 project is "not right.

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This is only my third time to play cross-media SyFy and Trion Worlds, "which caught my attention projects -


MMO launch

is quieter then.

I met a few missions operated, marveling at the stupidity of deliberate enemies in the tutorial, and laughed at the ridiculous physical vehicle, but nobody was laughing with me. Nobody compared


World of Warcraft

. Nobody asked questions that have been answered only moments before. It was very quiet. One might think that this tranquility in the large keyboard-less PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 crowd, but I played on the PC, and PC MMO players (myself included) are notoriously noisy and turbulent in the chat channels.

was when I realized that the game chat was broken.

is probably a good thing that PC gamers are not able to use any general chat channel, since the text is not the same kind. Although developed by a company with extensive experience in the area of ??computer game, just take a look at the video options to see that this is not a user-friendly PC Thurs

low, medium and high are the options we have, and not much difference. There is a customization option, but that just means you have shadows, bloom and motion blur off. Oh, and note the refresh rate of the screen. Players with monitors or televisions that operate above 100 Hz are down on the game when you open the menu. He seems to have been going on before launch. God thank you, I lost my quick DVI cable.
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One might think that riding as a feature of the game, it seems that most of the time in the West title on the theme of wildlife, with lots of riding and shooting. But browsing Japanese games, it quickly becomes clear that this is not the case.

a variety of genres have horses colleagues. Most often appear only as additional elements of the game, but in some cases, have an important role.

Sunset Riders

impressive title run-and-gun

Konami had segments pace (and bonus levels in Genesis), where we had to ride.

Knights of the Round

jump on a horse in a medieval style rhythm Capcom 'em up gives us extraordinary powers for a limited time.

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

A fascinating, incredibly beautiful stage

Shinobi III - one of the best Shinobi

Games - is completely horse

Shadow of the Colossus

After eight years, the physics of our main partner, Argo, still kick-ass. Dynasty Wars

Dynasty Wars

plays like a steady beat 'em up, unless you're a horse all the time. The game was released in 1989 and has a suite

Warriors of Fate

in 1992, he still had horses.

Final Fantasy XIII

horses are not as common in the Final Fantasy Series

but strangely XIII The Lightning's Eidolon, Odin turns into a horse in Gestalt mode.
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BioShock designer Ken Levine explains that, for better or worse, violence as a story device has been used since "the dawn of storytelling."

Following the December

Newtown, Connecticut shooting that left 20 children and six adults died, Ken Levine responded to the ongoing violence in games discussion. Talking to NPR radio program point, Levine said that violence is used as a narrative device is not new.

"Violence, for better or for worse, it's ... dating back to the beginning of the story, part of the toolkit of the history of the box, "said Levine.

Levine then brought an example of his childhood, and explained that he had trouble making friends growing up, so I spent a lot of time playing Dungeons & Dragons. At that time, this was linked to murders and suicides, but Levine said he has a negative effect on him.

    "I think there are some issues here, I remember when I was a kid ... It was not a very popular kid was a nerd, child and had no friends because I was not 't very good at socializing, "said Levine." And I found Dungeons & Dragons and if you remember, in the 70s there was this great human cry of Dungeons and Dragons. Children and would give the death and disappearance in caves and what happened in the past with comics and rock and roll. "
  • Interviewer Tom Ashbrook then intervened, pointing out that in the case of the shooting of Sandy Hook, the loss of life was immediate and overwhelming to the world in general. Levine responded to this by saying that for him, the games were a shield, sort of violence. "My point is, for me, the games were a way to avoid being" that guy. "As a scientist, I do not mean we can discuss the science , but I ... not the best man to do it, "said Levine.
"I think the other point is that the so-called first-person shooters,. There's FP FPS, aspect to the first person to be living the role of a character, "he added. "And then there's the part of S, which is the shooter. And I'm not sure they are necessarily the same."

last body of work

Levine's BioShock Infinite, which launched last week to Rapt opinions.

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Activision confirms approximately 40 full-time High Moon release after Deadpool.

Activision has laid off about 40 full-time developers Deadpool suit Transformers and High Moon Studios. The cuts came after the team has completed work on Deadpool share, according to a statement provided to Deadpool.

    "Activision Publishing continually working to align their expenses with their income -. This is an ongoing process with the completion of the development of Deadpool, we give a reduction of staff at High Moon Studios to better align our talent development against our slate, "said one line statement.
  • "Approximately 40 full-time employees will be affected in the world. 'Re offering employees who are assigned to counseling in outplacement." Deadpool is scheduled for this summer on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information, see GameSpot's previous coverage.

[See Video]

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Steve Wozniak is a rarity. Although many know Wozniak for his work at Apple, in its infancy, was known for his work with video games, both as a designer (creation of Atari Breakout

) and player. This video filmed by

Game Informer

takes a look at the impressive Wozniak


skills that made him the best player in the country in line with

Apple co-founder shows off his legendary Tetris skills screenshot Nintendo Power

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Dynasty Warriors 8

In the future, Tecmo Koei will be able to make a Dynasty Warriors game where you fight against a huge army of the Dynasty Warriors games . The company brings us ever closer to that glorious metagame with Dynasty Warriors 8, available July 16 for PS3 and Xbox in North America.

This time, Tecmo Koei has several "what if" scenarios that differ from historical accuracy normally requires rigorous series. The fighters who died in certain living historical battles, and the game shows how history might have changed.

Joystiq These campaigns and battles of normal story mode, will be carried through more than 40 new stadiums, filled with your choice of over 70 playable characters and thousands of enemy soldiers helpless.

Read more
Dynasty Warriors 8 remakes

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Joystiq
not follow the path of the common load iOS updates, articles and other such as head game designer can not bear the thought. Jake Solomon Firaxis made ??the revelation to blunt IGN, reaffirming the next version of the mobile strategy game 2012 is a direct port.

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Another sale has been extended through the Xbox Live Arcade, running until April 9. The highlight of the sale is 50% off
Mark of the Ninja of Klei Entertainment - one of the favorite games of 2012 Joystiq -. Take up to 600 MS Points (7.50 €) other contenders are cheap
Trials Evolution
for 800 MS Points ($ 10) and a discount Pinball FX 2

tables. It Joystiq
powder:. A Tale Elysian


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