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Terraria (mobile)
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new Activision game is " built from the ground up for mobile devices and tablets ," exclusive to Apple for now, and offers in-app purchases of up to 69.99 EUR

Activision has released a new game in the series Call of Duty, for now, is exclusive to Apple iOS devices.

Call of Duty: assault team was launched in the App Store this morning and download ? 4.99 which attracts the attention of freemium games on iOS, but do not use the shopping in- app in addition to the initial download fee .

The game takes place in 2020 , with those responsible for managing a team of Joint Special Operations of the United States after the country "is in a war with an unknown enemy . "

assault team is a hybrid game , switching between first-person shooter and traditional third-person view of " attack and reconnaissance squadron coordinated . " It has two modes. A single player campaign and survival mode with online rankings

not the first Call of Duty to be released for mobile devices . Previous games include Call of Duty: Zombies and Call of Duty: Black Ops. However, the new game looks the most ambitious yet .

The game was developed by the blast furnace , home Activision , mobile development studio in the UK , which was announced in August 2012.

game application involving the purchase of virtual chips , which can also be obtained by leveling up , completing the campaign mode of the game, the signature on an online account Call of Duty, the execution of every third wave in survival mode , and play the game on consecutive days .

tokens can be spent to unlock weapons and perks of the game earlier than would be available. Players earn XP for a wide range of activities in Call of Duty: . Assault team then be passed on to new weapons or benefits - particular skills of the type seen in the previous edition of the console games service

the App Store sells chips in various forms ranging from 1.49 pounds per 1,000 to ? 69.99 per 70,000. The combination of paid downloads and in-app purchases has been used by other high profile iOS games - . Infinity Blade especially

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All-Time Greats Will Be Featured in NBA Live 14, Designer Says

stars Hall of Fame last NBA is part of the NBA Live 14

, but not exactly known as one of the Game designers have taken to Twitter to throw some first details of a security that have a lot to prove when it arrives. Details came again from Thursday afternoon Q & A with Scott O'Gallagher a game designer, and Sean O'Brien to executive produce. Forty players have different signature moves, O'Gallagher said, dunk packages that can be assigned to players (especially those created). " NBA Live 14 will feature the legends," he said, but if it is a specific mode of window (or its presence in instant playlists anyway) or "Re Limited to appear in Ultimate Team Mode, did not say.

It is unusual for a news sports game

NBA Live 14 Window 's discuss the features, but obliquely so soon. NBA 2k14 not. NBA Live 14

appear only on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Although it has not been officially announced as a launch title for the day and date, GameStop is carrying a

NBA Live 14
PS4 launch package , suggesting it should be. NBA 2k14 will be released on 1st October on Xbox 360 and PS3, and will also launch alongside the PS4 and Xbox One O'Gallagher talked to sink new game system, the authenticity of their AI and promised "a surprise that comes after" apparently in connection with

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Shadowrun Returns Berlin DLC coming late October
Shadowrun Returns

madcap systems developer aims to launch the game DLC Berlin in late October. He also noted plans to localize the game for the other regions, with "versions in Spanish, Italian, German and French ready to play in early October."


Shadowrun Returns

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Platform: iOS - Tic-Tac-Logic
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Platform: iOS - Lums
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wrote: "It seems that the Rift virtual reality headset Oculus has attracted the attention of investors after their performance at this year's E3 Spark Capital and Matrix Partners have been pushing $ 16 million in the Oculus. VR with the hope that the product will meet the expectations HD unit. looks a bit more polished than-it-glasses-with-a-tablet-bonded, prototype, but the device would be even more interesting if the next generation consoles would commit to support. (we all know how the "wave-Stick" PS3 after the fact.) said that the headlines nine years, Half - Life 2 and 6 years, Team Fortress 2 get full support for the device. Hopefully some developers seek to support the launch of Rift Oculus as a feature rather than adding years after the facts. AI like the Soundblaster EAX standard. It worked well too. "

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Rumor: The Former Face Of Onimusha Is Giving Up Video Games

Asian superstar actor Takeshi Kaneshiro is supposed to leave the game for good, according to an article published by the Apple Daily News Taiwan. Kaneshiro, who is best known for his roles in movies Red Cliff

Fallen Angels, Chungking Express

and House of Flying Daggers, did what many other celebrities only dream, but was able to maintain most of its life outside of the spotlight. However,

Apple Daily , the city best known for its

Next Media Animation s information came that Kaneshiro is to abandon video games ever.

While Kaneshiro is doing instead of playing video games? She studied traditional Chinese medicine and the I Ching, an ancient Chinese form of divination. Perhaps better known by players as the face of Onimusha

Samanosuke Akechi main character (and voice in the Japanese version), Kaneshiro sent his gambling before. In a previous interview, Kaneshiro said: "I have a lot of restrictions when I play games for a long time, I say." I should not be awake during the hours of sleep, I'm going to bed " Although Apple Daily

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says Gearbox refused to pay royalties due to 3D Realms and cash advances received by the editors of Duke Nukem Forever over 2 million. In a complaint filed June 7 at the district Court of Texas, 3D Realms insists that its agreement with the gearbox allows for an audit of the free states of the gearbox, the study failed. gearbox is simply evasive here an attempt to conceal information incorrect 3D Realms is absolutely entitled to receive, "the lawsuit alleges. Moreover, the company says that Gearbox has refused to pay its share of the income received after agreed Gearbox Duke Nukem is still out. 3D Realms requested a jury trial. This combination is apparently the end of a friendly operation that went wrong "result.

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Saints Row IV was banned in Australia. Johnny goes see what happens in the frame.

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Once upon a time, summers in the gaming industry were calm . Stroll through our comments section, and you'll see a lot of games to fill the summer and keeps you from venturing into the sun's harmful. Your skin will thank you when you're older.

Everybody plays?

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iamagamer's first game jam focused on creating female protagonists

July 12 to 14, Vancouver will host the first game of the event organizer jam iamagamer - 48 hours jam focused on development of original games with female characters.

"This unprecedented event held the prevailing view that video games are for kids and games with strong female main characters is not going to sell," said the press statement announced. "These stereotypes are not only good, but also have a negative impact on the industry."

Jam will be held at the Vancouver Centre for Digital Media, the public begins to get stuck at 18 pm local time on Friday to cease its activities jam 48 hours later, on Sunday evening. It encourages all artists, designers, developers and writers to register and participate - to date more than 150 people have registered to participate in the event, either in place or in Vancouver one of the many satellite events happening simultaneously elsewhere.

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Star Wars Pinball
about to enter in a galaxy far, far away : Nintendo eShop on Wii U. The game will come to Nintendo July 11 platform, and based on tables

The Empire Strikes Back , Boba Fett and

The Clone Wars Joystiq
. Unfortunately, the force will not be enough to grab the game - will cost $ 10 (or? 10)

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Bohemia Interactive, the developer behind the


series and popular League mod , announced that they are working on a Mars Rover sim call

Take on Mars

. Players can ride on the surface of Mars to explore and scientific missions.

Arma dev Bohemia Interactive making Mars Rover sim screenshot

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Platform: iOS - League of Evil 3
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Nintendo has released a new video detailing Developer differences between the 3DS version of the fighting game cross-deductible recently announced
Super Smash Bros.

director Masahiro Sakurai Wii U and states that "the total number of characters [in the Nintendo 3DS version] is the same as the Wii U version, but some steps are completely different. " as:" In the 3DS version, there will be more steps based on handheld games, while thematic stages of the home console games will be on Wii U. "


Both games also offer a unique graphic style. The launch of the Wii U focuses on primary colors and visual effects, while the 3DS version of cel-shaded characters to make them easier to see.

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Wii U first 3D Mario adventure feline is.

the Wii U debut Mario 3D is a sequel to the excellent title of Super Mario 3D Land 3DS Super Mario Galaxy instead of Next disappointed those who expected something big. a world of Super Mario, maybe

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State of Decay rises on XBLA June 5
zombie game "Undead Labs

dilapidated prepares to released on Xbox Live on June 5, 1600 MS Points ($ 20). the news comes by Major Nelson on Twitter, with Undead Labs confirms the date on your blog. No word on a date for the PC port yet.

Undead Labs announced that it was working on a zombie MMO in 2009. in early 2011, the company revealed a title codenamed


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PSA Limbo discovers iOS today
arachnophobe If you disagree with having a giant spider on the phone.
, Playdead puzzle game legs, is now available on the App Store for $ 5 for the iPad and iPhone. "Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful,

Limbo Joystiq
is a world that deserves to be explored," our own Richard Mitchell concluded in his review of the original new Xbox Live Arcade in 2010.

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