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The X Neo Geo will be available in Europe on December 6 to coincide with the North American release of the handheld retro (and Neo Geo AES wizard-style dock). Neither the continent will have to wait longer to play than the other twenty year old games

According list detailing Funstock -. Until the links to the official website - the "Limited Edition" bundled with the spring, a joystick, and

Ninja Master

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PC/PS3/Wii U / Xbox 360, £ 39.99, 18 + cert, Ubisoft Montreal

must be careful to take the beauty of Assassins Creed granted 3. It is a thought that came to about 10 hours as a pilot in the new star of the franchise through a clearing in the path of the sun-dappled side to complete my last mission.

To Assassins Creed 3 is filled with activities, my attention to detail has decreased a bit. I caution against a narrow approach -. Stop and enjoy the view at one time

This is because once you step back and consider a sentence game environment, we can not help but feel overwhelmed. In the brief moment rushed through the trees to my destination, I looked through an area of ??pine forest on a river that has overflowed rock embedded in a sparkling lake through a cascade of leaving a steep cliff.

was like something out of a movie Terence Malik. And it is not only the world locked in Assassins Creed 3 is a marvel to see impressive complex is the age and also the specific region.

note all this because, at this stage, pain and beauty care careful historical detail - both visually and temporary - have become calling cards series Assassins Creed. This is why it is so easy to take for granted.

All fans know back when they started the last entry in the epic world of Ubisoft opened after the war several centuries which extends between the Assassins and the Templars, who will welcome you with a window to a bygone era, with landscapes and historically accurate characters out of the story. Thus, it becomes a hat tip to developers, because these games are now on an annual basis.

issues for Assassins Creed 3, however, are higher than in previous years. Firstly, the action stops and Renaissance Europe goes to North America in the 1700s, the discharge playgrounds of the roof of Florence, Rome and Istanbul in favor of the U.S. border and wide streets (slightly) less than the width of colonial Boston and New York.

Second, the previous installment of the franchise, the Apocalypse, saw the end of the mandate of one of the most interesting, pleasant and attractive in the middle of the game: Ezio Auditore da Firenze. As unfair as it may seem to make a review of a game by its protagonist, Ezio is weird here.

His replacement, Connor Kenway, half Native American half British with an ax to grind against the British (and the Templars) replaces all the charisma of his predecessor with a scowl and nothing else. In his narrative arc, in which the player controls first as a child, then a teenager, then a man in a bad mood capricious young, Connor sees his people and his mother, destroyed by evil Templars British before that connects with last vestiges of the Order of the Assassins on a farm in the suburbs of Boston.

He has problems, yes, but it would be wrong to make it interesting? To say this is annoying is an understatement, but it would be more accurately described as a po-faced clutchplate humor. Fans of the series is that the transition to Connor Ezio is a bit like watching a garage band emo trying to keep the attention of the public when the Queen was his opening act. The best I can say is that it is more attractive than the main protagonist of the series, Desmond. Yes, the space between this paragraph and the next is more interesting than Desmond.

But Connor has two or three assets to attract players in. First of all, the story takes the initiative is easily the best hens and Ubisoft Montreal has produced to date. In this sense, the objectives of the various factions are far from clear, the Templars are not bad and carnival is doubtful that the assassins are entirely on the side of angels

Like previous versions, Assassins Creed 3 allows players to build and maintain a microcosm of commerce around the base of operations of the protagonist. To do this, Connor can allow hunters, loggers and a group of other artisans of the 18th century who settled in the country around his farm and the player is able to negotiate with them and craft resources that we collect on these sales.

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Square Enix schedules the end of Final Fantasy XIV screenshot

Final Fantasy XIV

's grand finale comes as the threshold was decends sEvent of Eorzea, Square Enix said this morning. This will mark the end of Final Fantasy XIV

history and early next match A Kingdom Reborn.

Thus I will down: The character data of the current version will be recorded for the last time on Halloween, October 31. All worlds will be reduced before midnight Pacific on November 11. The fact that the character data stored will be transferred

A Kingdom Reborn

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In a recent meeting at the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, director of Facebook User Alex Schultz growth apparently solved the riddle of improving user retention in social games: Make social games. Ok, it seems obvious, but most game designers and some experts have expressed their disdain with games not really social. Facebook games and many still suffer from the same social group softness. Schultz said that Facebook is ...

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Assassin's Creed 3 'Eruditos' spotted, smell like microtransactions
Assassins Creed 3

microtransactions will of all types, according to the PlayStation Store more updated recently. The latest update contains several pieces of DLC for Creed

Assassins Joystiq

, five different packages of "scholar" at prices ranging from $ 0.99 per 20 all the way to $ 19.99 for 950.

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Steam for Linux beta now open for applicants

As promised, Valve has opened Steam for Linux beta this month and is taking candidates with the popular digital distribution services in everyone's favorite free operating systems. Aspiring players can register with your Steam account here, and Valve will follow in the future. Joystiq

application specifically for experienced Linux users for the beta, just because the release does not include the kernel Steam client and a set of Valve. The new Linux users are encouraged to wait for the next beta, which probably will not be too barebones.

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The launch trailer

Unfinished Swan

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festival week

games came to an end and this is what I did to Nottingham jewel event

Friday night, it began to snow. Very slowly at first, only a few flakes in the air down bitter Nottingham. But while the sky was filled with these little dots of ice and revelers wandering along the hill Beastmarket took her hands in the sleeves, while seeking to taxis. Amid the turmoil modest, I went through the GameCity festival main store, taking his usual place on the site of the old town. Even at this time, the light that emanates from within, the promise of another day of fun before the show ended on Saturday night. But he was overtaken by disappointment, because I knew I was not going back next year. I buttoned my coat and I left discouraged.

GameCity is amazing. Directed by Iain Simons and organized by a small dedicated team (with the help of the Nottingham Trent University and the city council), it is to provide inclusive and exciting series of lectures and events around the city. In all this, independent developers, students and researchers are able to present their latest titles in the central tent that is open and welcoming to all, from toddlers to pensioners.

the festival this year, you could see Phil Fish, maker of Fez, giving a speech in which he imagined that it was 2027. He provided a complex timetable leading to the release of Fez Forever, after so delayed their opening match - the calendar includes a world war, a power outage and the global electromagnetic fusion Agooglple Apple and Google. The conversation was fun, and sometimes I bite depricating (apparently the Xbox 360 version of Fez is not patched successfully until 2024), and unlike any conversation he had seen in games before.

contrast to this performance, Friday night saw an event called reads like a Seven, in which a group of journalists read a series of his own articles - a kind of slam poetry, but with a game I had my reservations about the form, but it was an amazing night, with wonderful performances by Leigh Alexander, Ste Curran, Kieron Gillen, Simon Parkin and Cara Ellison. Oh, I also read something - it was difficult ...

"Inspirational" is a word that keeps popping up in discussions with other participants. There is nothing absurd GameCity hints usual, no girls stand or trailers emphatic sound systems developers belts superstar mega-watts hyping any other franchise reboot or new generation of graphics engines. Just a bunch of people who love games, or love discovering, enjoying a sense of community, brotherhood and a shared passion significant.

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punch Quest , The Last Game Everybody talks about the iPhone, is a knockout "alt =" Click here to read punch Quest , the Last Game Everybody talks about the iPhone, is a knockout "src =" http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/183no356t9wz5jpg / original. jpg "width = 190 height = 120>

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PlayStation Plus this week Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, Hell Yeah!

No, this title is not our own exclamation of enthusiasm for PlayStation Plus update this week. Two pieces of
Hell Yeah! DLC, Pimp My Rabbit and virtual missions are each 20 percent this week to more members, $ 4 and $ 2.40, respectively.


for Speed: Most Wanted Joystiq
on October 30, but this week is $ 54 for that Plusers pre-order, are opposed to the standard $ 60. More members also attend a demonstration of a set time

Medal of Honor
: Warfighter

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PSA Watch tonight's presidential debate on Xbox Live

The second presidential debate airs tonight to Xbox Live Gold members, beginning at 9 pm ET. Like the previous presidential and vice presidential debates, it will be interactive, the audience questions about policy and performance.

this presidential debate is in a format hall, ie, members of the audience will have the opportunity to ask President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney questions directly. Do (try to) focus on domestic and foreign policy.

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itwbennett writes: "earlier this week, Foxconn revealed that an internal investigation had found that 14 employees at its plant in Yantai, China now Nintendo, whose products are manufactured in the factory, also studied the work of sourcing Foxconn . ".

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Penny Arcade Expo

to Melbourne in 2013 and 2014 aboard the Victorian Government to support and promote the show.

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Legends 007
: The

But the proposed production decreases iOS version of Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy team study has revealed that she is working on a new game, Mew-Genics, but unfortunately this means Super Meat Boy for iOS was placed in a background .

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Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King starts today screenshot

If you have been neglecting

Guild Wars 2

that, unfortunately, we last updated the contents must provide sufficient incentive for you to clarify some time to ArenaNet Halloween festivities.

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The DTOID Show: Bioshock, Borderlands on iOS & Mew-Genics screenshot

Hey gang! We saved after a long weekend full of love. Oh, and look! Some new video game

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Welcome to live in the past, a weekly column on the evolution of the old games. Now off our lawn.

is no embarrassment to admit the pending sale of $ 1 before buying Joystiq Monster World

was not exactly intentional - I was busy playing (and especially revision) other things since its launch, and had not yet reached. Then, last week, an agreement PlayStation Plus dropped the PSN release of Genesis $ 4.99 to $ 1.

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It says right there in the title: Worms

. Revolution, a radical change, a major change. The game illustrating, advertising propaganda says, to the classic game Worms "squarely in the 21st century." We will solve this problem at the moment:.

Revolution not radically alter or change the traditional formula of Worms in a fundamental way

In truth, however has anyone really?

Gallery: Worms Revolution Joystiq

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