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When Activision canceled True Crime: Hong Kong last year, it looked like the end of the line. But with a new editor and a new focus on gaming systems, the UFG developer brought from the edge. Leading producer Jeff O'Connell says it all - and alludes to more


that emerge from development hell rarely boring. You get the real monstrosities - Duke Nukem Forever, Daikatana, too human - but you also have these little gems as defective Spore, STALKER and Gran Turismo 5, the game that speaks of the greatness while showing the scars of half-cycle calamities large motors and rebuilt.

Then unqualified successes titles like Half Life 2 and Resident Evil 4, which are longer and complex past histories nightmare to achieve greatness.

Somewhere toward the end of the spectrum Sleeping Dogs, the surprise hit of the summer is to keep Darkstalkers 2 from the top of the charts. Engaging thriller that began two years ago as Black Lotus, maturity in an open world adventure taking place in Hong Kong and strongly influenced by action movies managers of the city. Ringo Lam, Johnnie To John Woo

It was an ambitious project of United Front Games, a Vancouver studio, which had been formed only a few months ago by former employees of publishers like EA and Rockstar nearby. But it was an obscure concept, brutal and interesting. His promise.

And then came Activision a license deteriorated and finally the threat of cancellation.

So how UFG create a solid medium and playful romp, despite the chaotic development process? We are talking about senior producer of the game, Jeff O'Connell to find

So, how to become Black Lotus True Crime:. Hong Kong? What happened?

The first meetings around this game were in autumn 2007. It was a very small team at the time, there were about 10 of us in a tiny office. We met with Activision at the time, they knew they wanted to return to urban open world genre, but had a prototype on the road, but we were asked to come up with a concept - that we did. And, surprisingly, that the concept was very similar to the game we just released.

But what happened, they liked the idea, but at the time I wanted to push the taste of True Crime - and obviously they attach to the same brand. We wanted to run more like a cop show HBO.

But, I suppose, Activision has had some success with True Crime, which was much more than a Hollywood treatment of the genre.

Obviously, while the games were enjoyed by many people, we believe that our concept was different. Of course, the two policemen were on, but we believe that times have changed and people wanted something more, it was as if the opportunity was there to do a more mature way.

is certainly in that direction this time.

course. Look at the successful detective series - The Wire, The Shield - each character is ambiguous. Watch the latest James Bond film, and how Daniel Craig plays the character - it's really a good guy? It is a kind of mercenary. It was very interesting for us. And we were fortunate to have an actor like Will Yun Lee, who could carry out this kind of performance.

But you made changes to the feel of the game to the extent of actual crime - and then in February 2011, the game was effectively preserved. How it is down it internally? You thought it was over?

really was a terrible moment. Activision were very respectful in the way they made us part of the decision, released hundreds of its employees, that day is canceled Guitar Hero - we could say that this was not an easy decision. But it was a difficult period for us, we had to reduce the size of our team in a couple of weeks, and begins to question many things - he had worked on the game for three and a half years at this time there, and you pour his heart and soul into it.

But after a few weeks, we have learned that the place had played the game and are interested in him and wanted to speak to us - is a glimmer of hope. We spoke on the phone, came to Vancouver and met with us. I immediately felt like a very different relationship than the one we had with activation. Its producers were really old skool-players, but had worked in the games of the eighties, like many members of the staff of our study. So, I immediately had a personal connection and got what they wanted to do with the game and all the development that have benefited form his experience working on titles like Just Cause 2. We just clicked.

So really understands the dynamics of the game world free?

Yes No

felt was no need to do anything immediately obvious, open world game is the one that takes place in 30 hours - you do not need configure all in the first sixty minutes, you do not need to have a singular motivation -. may develop characters

I think the biggest change was in the general tone of the story, the presentation of the course of the game, as the game ramps up. We begin with the action, no doubt, but to keep his hand a little to get into the mechanics - there are many mechanics! Previously, pushes us to move forward, we believe high-octane action that hurts the game because it is annoying when it is taken away from you.

And it seems that you were able to make changes in the design to the end?

Yes, in full development in the world is a challenge and there are things even later in development, with a couple of weeks to go, and we looked said: "We need a system! "Things come together too late - it's like a giant puzzle and you just kind of see it all with a couple of weeks to go.
Well, too late, you look at the system updates the user interface: how it was made, how they heard updates how you used the updated menu, how he discovered that you did and did not have to encourage you to spend points and accompany this process with appropriate user interface and audio times.

This stuff was revised at the end of the production, not because they were not happy with him, but because he was an important part of the game and I thought it was under-realized. The other was safety boxes hidden throughout the world. Initially, most had money on them, not weapons or clothing, so there was less surprise and satisfaction - this is a minor change, but it changed the way you play the game

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Dynasty Warriors 7 struck by delay in Japan

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires

is delayed in Japan until November 8 Tecmo Koei announced this morning. The traditional strategy-heavy adaptation was due to a PlayStation 3 version of September 27, but according to the publisher felt Andriasang game quality is not up to par. Joystiq

or not all this affects the U.S. version, listed in February 2013, remains to be seen. Anyway, it will be the first game empires are not in U.S. stores. In its place will be released on PlayStation Network, as Tecmo Koei

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after Vigil is so heavily indebted to many sources that strives to present as his own game

derekmead writes: "a new report from the Enough Project, an arm of the Center for American Progress shows that companies like Intel, Apple and Microsoft have managed to reduce the use of conflict minerals in their products other companies were less useful output .. 24 companies surveyed and classified according to their use of conflict minerals, Nintendo came in last place, after every effort to ensure that its products were funding guerrilla Africa. "Nintendo is, I think, basically the only company that has refused to acknowledge the problem or demonstrate that they are a sort of effort in," said Sasha Lezhnev the Enough Project. ", Despite a good couple of years trying to get in touch with them. "

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Platform: Windows - Beware Planet Earth!
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out some of the highlights of the convention fan Transformers BotCon

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Click here to read This Olympic Medal Winner Has a Dream. She Wants to Voice Video Games.

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and Xbox 360 NCAA Football 13 states that lead in the monthly NPD.

industry analysts have occurred in the U.S. game Hardware and software sales forecast for the month of July, before the release of the NPD Group market data more official later this week.

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Halo 4 had a strong presence at Comic-Con 2012. Here are some highlights.

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Introduction to Post-Apocalypse of zombies and cut.

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[How PlayStation Vita stars puzzle takes shape? Producer James Mielke (before the developer Q Entertainment) walks through concepts for the game, describes the difficulties of production, including never before seen in the progress screens and video] The story before the official history given green light in August 2010 -. In Paris, where I brought a handful of releases to our publisher, Ubisoft - Lumines Electronic Symphony (as it was dubbed over time) was originally designed as Daft Punk ...

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