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Can you see Tom Nook?.

Nintendo released a new trailer of Animal Crossing 3DS.

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What characters will always have our fingers crossed for

We had a lot of new characters revealed for Batman. Arkham City, but there's more to come, Rocksteady said.

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Video interview :. Ubisoft to overcome all the platforms to their limits

Ubisoft says he wants to make sure it really pushes the limits of each platform Far Cry 3 came out for.

Brandon Sanderson is the author who was chosen to end the popular Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels by Robert Jordan died, and of course there is a legitimate author in his own right with a New York Times, the top ten series called Mistborn
. Sanderson has posted on his blog that is associated with children in orbit (the developers of licensed games for
Young Justice

and Joystiq

) to activate

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Ronimo Games strives to bring its next 2D MOBA title
Awesomenauts , the 'PC. Speaking to Joystiq, Jasper de Koning and Thijssen Ronimo Olivier said the company is actively working on a PC version for XBLA and PSN publications later this year. "It is our first request, in fact," said Thijssen, noting that the MOBA genre is very popular on the PC. Ronimo added that "not 100 percent sure, but [that] we do, but we really want . "

Koning said he is in talks with Ronimo Awesomenauts
'DTP edition of the console compared a PC port possible. The biggest obstacle for a Steam version would be the reconstruction of the background of the game, something the study does not currently have the capacity to do so, but today we talk about valve on the subject. Ronimo also working on the mouse and keyboard control systems to support a wide range of players. "If we go to the PC, we want to fill," Koning said, referring
League of Legends Lots

, which receives the new content regularly and unlock content to begin with. Joystiq

the jump to the PC would certainly make sense, as we have seen other downloadable other titles to enjoy success after making the jump from consoles to PC. Recent examples

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noted Microsoft blogger said power arm of the new console will be sent late next year and focus on "arcade-style applications and Kinect", "true successor" to come some time later.

Like this, but presumably thinner, says MS Nerd.

Microsoft will have new hardware for players next year, but it will not be a next generation console, as shown by the anonymous blogger Microsoft MS Nerd. The Hound of the information on Reddit wrote that Microsoft will send you an Xbox stripped the end of 2013.

In this way, but probably thinner, says MS Nerd.

The blogger also raises the arm strength of the console will focus on "arcade style" games and applications Kinect. The technology will be "price competitive" with Apple TV, which currently sells for $ 100.

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Title touches the net before the official unveiling on Saturday.

The new game Alan Wake on Xbox Live Arcade ready to be shown at the VGAs this weekend has been described by the Board German note.

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Ex-Metal Gear Solid 4 man says he "was not too thrilled about creativity."

Halo 4 not be released until late 2012, but Microsoft has seen a fundamental change in your team creative development director Ryan Payton, who confirmed that the left company.

paper with research teams of the Sunday Times to a new low.

law. We opted for a while, but this has not prevented the Witless and ridiculous opinions of those players who are not boring filling our public spaces - and this morning we have a good'en

The reader poll is now open. Vote wisely

You've probably already read our opinion on what the best games on offer at E3 2011 were -. But the title makes you

could have up to 1.5 million before the launch tomorrow Official

Up to 1.5 million players are already playing Star Wars: morning, the Old Republic before the official launch of the game, according to rough estimates of Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz.

Have you attached a copy of the novelization of Drake? Search ...

You may remember our recent competition Uncharted wonderful to join the beautiful peeps in the books of Titan to offer you a chance to win a copy of the labyrinth in Fourth, the new novel with Nathan Drake of Uncharted.

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Xbox 360, PS3, Koei Tecmo, cert: 18, which appears

For many years the Ninja Gaiden Series led to contemporary action games, a taste of the past, often just as its great difficulty. Ten years ago, when game designers became wise to the fact that experiences less demanding might sell more copies,

Ninja Gaiden

always stuck to its arcade roots push the players with outstanding evidence-based sheet riots.

Ninja Gaiden

Moreover, while the first
Ninja Gaiden
titles offered a sample of what is possible graphics gaming machines time, visually it in the series, although technically capable, is artistically ambitious. In another part of the voice acting falls to another with little grace, the game world feels a little empty interactive details, and sometimes the action is something of a shock of repeated battles.

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this chronicle of vampires: Trailer home.

5:00 marathon 12 hours of GameSpot The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


deadly forests and kill the beast.


a hard game Corps: Uprising.

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a video game that shows the kind of priest.

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This trailer shows the twisted nightmares in the heart of Catalina.

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a panoramic tour of the Apocalypse.

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See the new trailer for Monster Ghoul high.

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Riot Games team summarizes their news at E3 this video.

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Here are nominees for Game of the Year 2011.

pull some levers and avoid spikes to get through the dungeon.

Rise of Nightmares

Ernst monster puts in their way, so calm.

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We learn that Rambo tactics simply did not work on Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

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trip up the tower to the pain and suffering ahead.

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this trailer of the game based on the revolutionary movement inMomentum.

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Discover what critics thought of the Disney-Pixar Cars 2: The Video Game.

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the first person to Arkane Studios, RPG.

steampunk Imagine a nightmare where you can kill your enemies using a combination of magic, stealth and the explosion of rats. Now stop imagining, because Arkane Studios and Bethesdas sandbox "simulator lets you do just that Doom murder.

Rise of Nightmares has

Carolyn cutting and cutting his way through this review Kinect.

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Isaac discovers the awesome power of severed animal heads and shoes for women.

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collect a sailor lost in this film the game Aliens: infestation.

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Bentlight GameSpot talks with co-founder of digital work with Darren Fanton freddiew on the controller.

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It's right people, go home the dad in this scary trailer for Prototype 2.

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Michael, Magic, Bird, Kareem and Dr. J are the protagonists of this trailer for NBA 2K12 legends.

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View Marko

be slaughtered in the Counter Strike: beta global offensive!

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Give the zombies

two barrels in this clip all the zombies must die!

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this interview with the executive producer of "Everquest" franchise.

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