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sending specially designed for Xbox 360 systems that have been long time subscribers to Xbox Live.

Xbox live long

subscribers may want to look for a delivery of Microsoft. The company announced it sends customized Xbox 360 (bottom right) to those who have "been with [Microsoft] longer."

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EA Gothenburg is now Ghost Games

EA studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, is now the Spirit, and with a new name now has a website very elegant. Ghost is rumored to be working in a Need for Speed ??EA producer Alan Baker at the helm. Former DICE executive producer Marcus Nilsson heads the ghostly Joystiq

"Ghost is a unique development in the area AAA. Entire dynamism and creativity of" start-up "while working with industry giants like criterion and guarantee says that we have the tools and support to execute our creative vision and technical website Ghost" bed. Seriously, nuts and art design nerds, please visit. It is super nice.

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Beyonce tries to escape Gate Five lawsuit again, fails again

singer Beyonce has failed once again to remove the legal action against the developer Gate Five Studios imminent. Gate Five claims Beyonce has agreed to contribute to a video game called

Superstar: Beyonce

end of last year, but then out of the operation, causing severe damage financial study. Beyonce lawyers sought summary judgment in April, claiming Gate Five had not thrown in the funding needed to make the game, but this attempt was rejected. Joystiq

now appeal against this judgment was unsuccessful. Not that Beyonce lost the case, but that does not mean it is likely to stand trial, where a jury will determine whether Beyoncé was in his contract to leave the project, or if somehow breached the agreement. The problem seems to be that Beyoncé is necessary, a certain amount of money to stay on board, she stated that the study did not receive. Five door suggested that there was an agreement to obtain money from Beyonce contract requires very soon, and she knew that the operation was put in place for everyone to take their place.

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tactical advantages stacking mechanism summit a Banshee are too large to ignore this new episode of Mythbusters in House Defense game. In the first Halo 4
delivery, we learn many valuable things about the beginnings of Halo 343 ... but who cares? Can

stack a mech in a tank Joystiq

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Lollipop Chainsaw pornography is a thing that's happening screenshot

guess it was inevitable. I mean, this is a game that offers a cheerleader zombies Thurs eighteen we are talking about. And Japan should surprise no more. But I'm always a little surprised by announcing that manfacture grasshopper Lollipop Chainsaw

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Although no concrete plan has been presented, the intention of joining Ubisoft Nintendo push more games available for sale digitally the new flagship console is now clear: "as soon as possible, we will," said the president of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot Polygon speak if his company's intention to retail as downloadable full games through Nintendo eShop jams. Joystiq

No further information on pricing and availability has been given, if the expansion occurs in the online store at launch or later on the way, remains to be seen. what is clear, however, is that Ubisoft games on the Wii U (regardless of the method of purchase) will eventually include the Uplay integration, since the versions of the present generation do. "Nintendo has been very open to us and let us use our systems to communicate with our customers," said Guillemot. Uplay integration should some time after launch.

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Molyneux struggles to see Nintendo do anything amazing screenshot

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Click here to read Return To New Vegas: The Most Refreshing Video Game Sex I've Ever Had rain

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Back in March, during a press conference for the fourth extension World of Warcraft , Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen Blizzard said that the rejection Mists of Pandaria
a milestone for the biggest MMO. "This is certainly not the rate of expansion as we've tested so far," he said at the time.
Mists of Pandaria , Blizzard considers to be in the middle of development, not only of five or more levels pandas animal fights or large playable, although all these things are there . It was the content of the next design cycle World of Warcraft . "The great global threat looming, identify two years WoW

Game the fact is the war itself," said Metzen.
At the end of the last expansion,


, Blizzard needed a new plan. A long time ago, even before the first match Burning Crusade expansion, word leaked that the development team had ideas for extensions on Northrend continent of the world (which eventually became the anger of the Lich King

expansion), and elemental planes adjustment (which was reworked


Joystiq). Pandaria But has never been on this list or any other list has reached the public eye before the announcement.

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Platform: iOS - Bloons Tower Defense 5 (mobile)

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> Foreign
Crysis , good things happen "alt =" Click here to when playing > Foreign
Complies Crysis , good things happen "src =" http://img. gawkerassets.com / img/184pyqah85dnsjpg/original.jpg "width = 190 height = 120>

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Leppi writes: "Nvidia has announced a huge increase in performance Linux drivers for their GeForce gaming R310 after almost a year of development at the tap and other partners game developers also said Nvidia announces beta steam for Linux should be the day apply to: .. Available for download www.geforce.com the new R310 drivers were also tested with Steam for Linux, the game platform Steam from Valve extension extremely popular which officially opened players from today .... 304.51 driver performance compared to 142.7 compared to 310.14 fps performance factors beta 301.4 fps in Left for Dead 2 All tests were performed on the same system with Intel Core i7 3930K-CPU@3.20 GHz with 8 GB of memory, GeForce GTX 680 and 32-bit Ubuntu 4.12 ".. update: 11.06 21:00 GMT by S: Valve has gone ahead and announced the beta release Steam for Linux. they sent invites a number of people who completed the application form, and invited more than walk test. the beta is available for installation on Ubuntu 12.04, with support for other distributions come: "We have the intention of supporting additional distributions popular in the future, we will give priority to the development of these are based on user feedback. "

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anonymous reader writes with this piece of brand geek.com nonsense "Ravensburger is a set of German company that specializes in the puzzle, but also extended to other areas such as children's books and games owns the trademark for a game. called "Memory" and asked to stop offering Apple applications have "memory" of the word in its title or keyword associated with an application. may seem ridiculous such a word can be a common brand, but it seems that this is a valid claim that Apple is now the meaning advice to application developers. choose an application developer is at fault then rename or delete your applications from the App Store. '

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Apple products dominate the list of sough after high-tech devices.

Apple products dominate the consumer electronics son lists of Christmas gifts, according to a survey by research firm Nielsen.

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