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Review: Pushmo screenshot

For those of us one day 3DS owners in particular, the accumulation of a solid library of games for the system was not a particularly fast. That said, we get. Despite relatively free Nintendo to push for digital distribution in the past, I am optimistic when it comes forward with the eShop. Among switch powerful force


, and Pushmo

in Europe), there is no reason to be optimistic, not only on this front, but for the 3DS in general.



Developer: Intelligent Systems Publisher: Nintendo

Released: December 8, 2011

MSRP: $ 6.99

Pushmo , you play a character who probably adorable chubby moon as a sumo wrestler. Appropriate, taking into account the magical world where they live. The neighborhood kids got caught in a huge climbing walls Pushmo called, and apparently someone is a bad enough dude to save them.

The concept of push and pull the blocks do not seem particularly complex, but this has not stopped designers


to make a game more ridiculously tutorial levels. It is unfortunate the introduction a great puzzle game unlike platform. You'll thank me later for saving you the basic mechanics. I only know that the blocks can submit a maximum of three steps, and there are several ways to manipulate.

Although the rate can not be that well at first, the challenge is based on an ongoing basis for hundreds of puzzles. And when a level is very difficult to face in their first attempt, we were finally allowed to jump, making sure not to left out the content below. Considering how easy it is to convince them to solve a problem in some way (ie in the opposite direction), this gesture was greatly appreciated.

designs that level of growth heights ever more ambitious, you realize how

Photo Pushmo Photo Photo we could have less terrible platforms . It feels good,

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Application Development

iPad For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))
iPad Application Development For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))

  • Binding: Paperback
  • Manufacturer: For Dummies " / AA>


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Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter controlled by touch, iPhone, iPod, iPhone and Android (Orange / Blue)
Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices (Orange/Blue)

Binding: Electronics

Manufacturer: Parrot Inc.


Parrot AR.Drone lets you see what the pilot sees. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control the Parrot AR.Drone to the accelerometer built into your iPhone, iPod touch, iPhone or Android device and phones and tablets based. The board cameras (one facing front, one facing down) lets you view real-time what the driver sees you complete complex flight maneuvers. Augmented reality is the world around you in a video game. The persecution of a fighter jet through the house, alone or with friends. Powerful processing allows the integration AR.Drone computer generated images directly in real time, streaming video to create a set of augmented reality with air-air missiles, interactive systems for targeting, fire and explosions. No ordinary RC helicopter, the military Parrot AR.Drone uses technology very stable level flight. The four rotors quadricopter uses two ultrasonic altimeters, a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope multiple embedded platform of Linux continues to stabilize during flight. Drone can even compensate for the turbulence caused by wind. In fact, it's so easy to control, anyone can fly. Inside the home or away. Fly your Parrot AR.Drone anywhere. The helmet includes coverage protects the rotors during tight maneuvers around the walls and furniture is easily removed to reduce weight and wind resistance in flight outside. Helicopter is made of carbon fiber and high strength plastic. Li-Po battery included. Now, with applications for both Apple and Android IOS. Parrot AR.Drone for the gaming experience Brookstone today a whole new level! Note: AR.Drone can not send to addresses outside the United States. For over 14 years. Warning: choking hazard to small parts. By clicking "Add to Cart", you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms of purchase of the customer. Click here to see the good

Amazon.com Product Description:

quadricopter AR.Drone
The remote control is an innovative device that combines the best of several worlds, including modeling, video games, and augmented reality. The AR.Drone is remotely controlled by the device (see compatibility below) and a number of sensors, including a front camera, vertical camera, altimeter and an ultrasound. The Drone also be used in video games as AR.FlyingAce, a duel between two AR.Drone.

The first quadricopter controlled by the iPod touch / iPhone / iPhone / Android

check with your device

With its onboard Wi-Fi, you can control the Parrot AR. unmanned aircraft with an iPod touch, iPod touch, iPhone or Android (OS 2.2 (Froyo) or higher, minimum 3 inches wide, multi-touch).

The Parrot AR.Drone

The quadricopter AR.Drone is the first that can be controlled by an iPod touch iPod touch, iPhone or Android (OS 2.2 (Froyo) or higher, minimum 3 inches wide, multi-touch).

  • high-tech sensors offer simple driver

  • A mixture of the kidnappers, the wide-angle camera high-speed camera and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) accelerometers, gyro sensors and an ultrasonic sensor combined with a powerful onboard computer to control the AR.Drone easy. Just use your device and just tilt and touch to control the RA.

    Connect and see
  • The Parrot AR.Drone generates its own Wi-Fi to connect the camera to control . The front view of the camera are transmitted to the display of the experimental device.


    Autopilot allows takeoff and landing easy. After takeoff, the autopilot stabilizes the AR.Drone at a height of 80 centimeters. When you remove your finger from your device, the autopilot function automatically puts the drone hovering. Lost connection with the Drone? Autopilot takes over again and stabilizes the device before attempting a landing smoothly and safely.

includes inner and outer hulls

  • The shield protects the hull AR.Drone full impacts that occur during battles against enemies of nature hidden in the rooms of the house. The color of the hull is optimized aerodynamics, allowing more out of control.

high durability and easy repair

  • quadricopter AR.Drone is a carbon fiber and high resistance PA66 plastic. All parts can be modified to facilitate repairs.
  • Free
  • control of the application

Please download the free AR.FreeFlight (iTunes App Store or Android Market) to control the RA.

  • Augmented Reality Games
  • not only see what the camera sees before AR.Drone, but enjoy a variety of games augmented reality. AR.Games sold in the iTunes App Store and Android Market. Choose from a selection of single player and multiplayer using the Drone camera and augmented reality applications. Shoot the enemies and other drones.

  • Compatibility

    IOS devices: iPod touch, iPhone and iPad
  • Android OS devices
  • Optimized for: Samsung S Galaxy, Galaxy S II Samsung, Motorola Xoom, HTC Desire, also compatible with: HTC Desire HD, HTC Sensation, the Optimus 2x LG and Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

  • flight time: 12 minutes

3 cell lithium polymer

    Capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Charging time: 90 minutes

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Website Gourmet Gaming makes game foods real screenshot

Videogame food is hilarious. These people rarely have time to eat every day of Economy is responsible. The best of those who will take a block of land, or a whole roast bird in a trash can. No wonder we're all in such good shape!

GourmetGaming.co.uk site

Now it's over, I would not mind eating like a video game character. This site carries food and makes it real game with real revenues show you how to do the dishes yourself. Some of these breaks are truly inspired. Try special Christmas drink Nibbles: Skyrim

- Black Briar Mead, grilled leeks and melted Elsweyr. For dessert, key lime pie

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We were brazen in our love of Vlambeer
Super box boxes , that they were more than a little excited to find that the incredibly difficult, survival multiplayer shooter ... It has a release date for IOS: January 5, 2012. The news was revealed by the Vlambeer official website some time ago, in fact, but somewhat lacking (we pin too chicken).

Vlambeer fans will no doubt wonder what happened to the window announced the game's release in September 2011, as we do. It turns out that between Joystiq Radical

debacle and the PC / OS X

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46 + 50 tracks confirmed.

Ubisoft has released a list of music tracks confirmed to appear in the third version of its successful series of unexpected action rate, Just Dance 3.

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Signature claims British public is in the "millions".

ambitious cloud game service OnLive has taken a wider audience in the UK than originally planned, according to CEO Steve Perlman.

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Beenox to develop the film tie-in, displays a burst at Comic-Con.

A tie game The Amazing Spider-Man, set to launch next year, was discovered by a poster at the New York Comic-Con.

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"Gears 3 is enough to make most games shabby."

If our review Gears of War 3 is not enough board gave its final verdict on Epic Games and has also given the seal of approval.

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Player issues long claimed commercial discovery.

a YouTube video emerged showing what appears to be the use of "snaking" of the famous Mario Kart in the latest installment 3DS, Mario Kart 7.

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PlayStation of stars in the Gamefest in Birmingham in September.

Sony has signed on to appear in a game Game Show in the UK retail giant this September, CVG can reveal -. Tickets go on sale to the public

verdict Second PS3 exclusive just before its release in early November.

Dutch multi-format games magazine Power Unlimited has imposed a score of 94% at the end of its 3 Uncharted: Drake Deception Review

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probation developer happy with "invaluable."

Sony Santa Monica Starhawk private beta will take place during the holidays for players who want to see in the new year by playing the PS3 shooter to come.

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player will be launching the war in London.

Bad Boy footballer Joey Barton appearance in the launch of Modern Warfare 3 in London gained some attention -. and not everything to do with the garbage that is in Call of Duty

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BioWare "very happy" with the state of the MMO.

more than three years after the announcement and the (supposedly) more than $ 100 million in development, the biggest game ever, EA, Star Wars : The Old Republic has gone live to the public this morning

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Creative Director minimizes "massive appetite" for the competitive multiplayer mode.

comparison of id Software Rage techno-tastic shot to rival popular Xbox Live like comparing a McDonalds meal of meat, id Software creative director Tim Willits told OXM.

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former Arsenal star Lee Dixon helps us the first interactive game of R, which allows you to experience life as a footballer.

social game maker and publisher We R Interactive has appointed former Liverpool Football Club Christian Purslow MD as its new independent non-executive director.

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Visit the first official trailer for Happy Feet Two - The Video Game.

Read and post comments
| Get the full article on Gamespot

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style de PopCap

Happy Halloween!

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Tim Schafer

Double Fine dévoilé l'Ontario sont DERNIER match, Kinecta rejoint collection de mini-jeu Appel Happy Théâtre Action

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See the trailer for the debut title for Nintendo DS, Wappy dog.

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Dan Chiappini

take a punt and throws addressed by Rugby World Cup 2011.

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Click here to read What Starts With Ducks and Ends With Cheese? It's the Week in Gaming Apps

GSC Game World, STALKER DESARROLLADOR the series if rumored that Han cerrado Este one of my principios, Una Medida What Habrias afectado a UNOS 45 empleados. Sin embargo, El GSC PAREC ESTAR AUN vivo y

Moviendo SUS Piernas ligeramente, anunciando una Través Twitter that "No Hay Motivo párrafo la esperanza" Joystiq

En El Mismo
Twitter, GSC What dijo "no one dara CONOCER cualquier noticia HASTA Mediados oficial de enero" Lo El Estudio Sugiere todavia What is a Correr in Alguna palabra capacidad, Menos HASTA entonces al. GSC sí estaba desarrollando

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The Old Republic
"It's a crash course in all
Star Wars " "alt =" Click here to read BioWare co-founders of Sun the Old Republic "is a crash course in all
Star Wars

EA announced
Star Wars: The Old Republic
gathered over a million registered players in their first official live weeks, earning the title of self-granted "rapid growth of subscription MMO in history."

One million milestone is a solid player, but parsecs EA and BioWare still have to travel SW: TOR

a huge success and beta testing, do not forget, was able to collect two players who are currently registered. EA Management expects at least two million players call the game successfully at all, according to previous reports. Joystiq

But in the middle of the first week is pretty good anyway. EA says that players have recorded more than 28 million hours of play (no information on the number of hours of waiting in queues for entry, of course), and right now have created 3, 8 million characters divided half and half between Jedi and Sith. Only 2

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