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The best video ever made screenshot

Sometimes people ask me why I love

Rhythm Heaven


much. It's a difficult thing to explain. As with many games and rhythm action, you really need to play to understand why its great.

Prototype 2 gets 'Evolution of Awesome' trailer screenshot

with a trailer which is called "The Evolution of impressive," I expected a bit more

Prototype 2

marketing department

UK videogame piracy rises by 20% screenshot

Envisional research group states that piracy of video games in the UK rose by 20% in the last five years. His list without a name "the first five games of 2010" have been downloaded over one million times.

Despite the findings, the games are not as bad as the piracy of movies and television, which has increased by over 30% since 2006. However, the theft of music albums, apparently


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Is Project Zomboid coming to Steam? screenshot

Maybe? A little? Today the guys over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have reported that some users of your forum and had to dig to find an option to buy a key user of steam


Zombo . Is this a zombie game Sandbox Test comes around? Not at all.

In a message on the forum, one of the developers of the game commented on the speculation.

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Not content to kidnap his own game and Soulcalibur V Phase
history, Ezio Auditore made ??an appearance in
final Fantasy XIII ... or at least his costume is.

Ezio Prince of Persia Revelations get up is offered as a costume DLC for Christmas - Noel

Kreiss . "The details of the release of the downloadable content will be announced at a later date," said the press release.

If you are concerned about Ezio Italian ornament is also seeking its place in the World


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Breaking News
obvious. Mario and Zelda games are popular

and it becomes more interesting to go into details: the president of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime said the USA TODAY 'Today 3D Super Mario Land has become the fastest-selling handheld Mario never moves more than half a million copies since its release on November 13. As a result, sales increased 3DS system, too. According to information provided by Nintendo, sales of the system are up 325% in the week of Nov. 20 during the previous week and this week's sales were 49% during the week of Nov. 6.

Fils-Aime said the USA Today increasing interest 3DS allows the system to cross the first years of online selling DS (2.37 million units) in eight months, before
Mario Kart of 7 News

Joystiq crazy
In the news, the Wii has its best Black Friday ever, with more than 500,000 reports of systems Nintendo has sold only on Black Friday, including the opening of stores early last night. The combination of

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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cell fifth CEO says Jeremiah Slaczka Indie Studios have soared in the publication of "large numbers", according to a new set of IOS will be available soon.

Scribblenauts Nintendo DS success in late 2009, offering a game that calls for the creativity of a player to solve puzzles, and a second fell last year. The first game has sold over 1 million units in less than six months and the fifth General Manager and Creative Director Jeremiah Slaczka cell has now revealed that the series has undergone a major financial milestone.

No matter who you are. An elephant is holding a bazooka idea of ??$ 100 million

Speaking with Game Informer, Slaczka Scribblenauts reported that the franchise has earned the company about $ 100 million to date in gross income. The statement was made by Slaczka answered a question on the independence of the study. "If you have been informed that $ 50 million, which could easily have said no, but wow ... $ 500 million a lot of money," he said. "5th Cell is currently worth $ 500 million, then it would be crazy to an editor or someone who offers something for us. Does not mean you will not be worth it in the future. A large success of the original investigation and boom, you have! We have had many successes IP. Scribblenauts The franchise has generated only about $ 100 million in gross revenues, so that the line is quite possible that a company like us to a very large number. " Slaczka talked about the success of the series of Scribblenauts, marketing, saying criticism and played the second siege of the parties' ability to capitalize on social factors. "Sales of the game depend crucially on one thing. Word of mouth This is true for all products, friends influence each other more than anything," said Slaczka. The developer is currently working in 2012 bound for the hybrid FPS futuristic third-person PC and Xbox Live Arcade. Fifth cell 100 million franchise hit last month iOS Scribblenauts Remix and Slaczka also revealed that the next title of the study is a "completely new set of IOS is to launch in the coming months." The study also develops the series Drawn to Life THQ. [video]

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can still download a PDF of large parts of the world


and either print or clumsy to navigate the phone, or you can wait for Cry Dragon, an interactive map following IOS. "The first version of the application contains an interactive map where you can place markers annotated / journal entries down," said Touch Arcade promoter. "For example, yesterday I played Skyrim and left a lot of dragon scales and bones on the side of a mountain, because they were too heavy." Joystiq

Better yet updated the plan in future to integrate a social dimension, which can "bookmark sharing, part or application of large cats, photos and much more." I mean your friend of "Stay Away" from the cave of Whomp you got? Or maybe the winding of you, get them "EXIT," said cave

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StarCraft II, Halo: Reach and more at MLG Raleigh screenshot

Games hit Major League Raleigh, North Carolina last week, unfortunately, was the same week as PAX Prime. With the Penny Arcade Expo behind us, here are some results of the action of the weekend. There were four tournaments played at the end of every Sunday. As expected, the Koreans dominate the StarCraft II

tournament to take the first six stages, with the bombing to win the title in its debut on the MLG. Infamous won her first Halo : Reaction title, beat their rivals 3-0 to take the fear Close

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Google has confirmed its intention to close games and social applications developer Slide. Acquired by $ 200 million to just over a year as part of what is speculated that efforts to build bigger rival Google + Facebook, the study was formed in 2005 by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, who is leaving Google. Slides created by applications and games such as SuperPokes! Animals, Fish Photovine top, the last was released last week, would be removed in the coming months. "Max has decided to stop slides and Google to search for other opportunities and wish him well," said a spokesman for Google AllThingsD. "Most of the team will remain in a slide show of Google to work on other opportunities. "

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Nintendo wins 4.8 million Euro piracy battle screenshot


necessary for pirates in all countries, including France. The Court of Appeal of Paris returned verdicts of guilty on September 26 against several companies for the sale of devices like the R4 and Magicom. Electronic Theatre that the court imposed more than 460,000 euros in fines, damages over $ 4.8 million of euros and Nintendo, in some cases, ordered the suspension of prison sentences. Woah.

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Grandpa gets face battered by cops over videogames screenshot

a grandfather accused of shoplifting video game during a shopping spree on Black Friday has a flat face and throat full of blood after the police knocked on the ground . Stories of what happened to the Buckeye Walmart are contradictory, but the result is the same - an old man about to drown in their own juices for a couple of games


is commonly accepted that the little son of man has been trampled by the buyers of the riots, then put the games on the belt to help the child. Police accuse man of trying to steal games and arrested. At one point, a police officer shot the man and sent him headlong to the ground. His face was then thrown into a puddle of his own blood, while police handcuffed him. "They took the man, his body was planted on the floor -. destroyed the face of a concrete floor is hard concrete inside the Wal-Mart, "said one witness. "Suddenly you see this kid running and screaming and crying," Grandfather, grandfather, and their eyes water. "

After Thanksgiving The year IS MOST
important to Americans. Some, who have traveled great distances to spend the holidays with their closest friends and family, must travel back today, a trip bittersweet for most. For others, it is about the weekend shopping, or for the thrill of the hunt, or the opportunity to buy something they could not otherwise afford. And then there are people like us who spend the Thanksgiving weekend alone in a dark room full of feet and shame.

ute that you spent your Thanksgiving holiday, we are your sincere and you had a wonderful time. If you have not, perhaps our favorite webcomics last week Want to boost morale.

Trufax (Penny Arcade) Pikemon (Virtual Shackles)

Vision and Jack

Heart (Dueling Analogs) Joystiq
Fair Game (aa !!)

Sleuthache (Awkward Zombie)

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George Miller has acquired the rights for the next game of the founding team of Bondi, Brendan McNamara, fucking right to the East, the director also called for more government assistance to developers games in Australia.

In August of this year, it was revealed that the Australian team Bondi LA Noire developer sold its intellectual property and assets of Sydney-based multimedia production company Kennedy Miller Mitchell, after complaints employees on working conditions and abusive credit omissions brought to the attention of the International Game Developers. At that time, it became clear everyone at Team Bondi had the opportunity to transfer to work at the Kennedy Miller Mitchell, or accept a severance package. Kennedy Miller Mitchell is a film production company founded by

Mad Max

director George Miller and his partner Doug Mitchell. Recent projects include

Happy Feet 2

and pre-production

Mad Max: Fury Road

. The gaming company by the arm, KMM Games Product adaptation of the game

Happy Feet 2

LA Noire is the only game in six-year history of Team Bondi.

Now, in an interview with The Australian Financial Review, Miller and Mitchell showed KMM has acquired the rights for the next game of the founding team of Bondi, Brendan McNamara, fucking right to the East.

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writes: "In an industry obsessed with the number of polygons and chassis, Nintendo Wii and DS the proverbial knife to a gunfight, they were extremely low power compared to the competition, ie. Nintendo could sell at a profit from day one. Its innovative control methods ensured that still sells like hotcakes. An animated GIF of Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata of Nintendo DS hold a print money has become the image to run alongside the huge quarterly profits of Nintendo. If a man out of a fairy disheveled DeLorean back in time with Nintendo in the near future it difficult to sell his last hand, I was surprised Nintendo. So what happened? "

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Click here to read Here's What We're Looking Forward to at This Year's Tokyo Game Show

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engine based on DirectX 11 Luminous can mimic the visual fidelity of digital photographs, while a set of development tools called light will study advanced cloth and fluid simulation, the time for reflection reality, animation and AI, and apparently to reduce development costs by up to 30 percent.

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Star Trek
Each game Star Trek Fan

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sender wrote "against Mojang demand Bethesda, developers of Minecraft is going to court. It will be recalled, Bethesda claimed copyright infringement on the next title is Mojang GCC / game board Scrolls. Bethesda said the game's name and concept are very similar to the popular RPG franchise the Elder Scrolls ". [C] our records show that Bethesda's lawyers plan to use the comments on the manuscript articles and videos worldwide web to show how people confuse with rolls of the Elder Scrolls. He said they have captured images of manuscripts trailer "as a way to show how Mojang Bethesda copied Skyrim because both contain mountains and Rolls . "Notch Mojang founder proposed to resolve the conflict with a friendly game of Quake 3, but it seems that Bethesda was not for that."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Hudson revealed their intention to use the revival of the fighting game with the announcement this weekend of Bloody Roar 5. In a brief message on Twitter, the developer said, "after Bloody Roar is in production we will publish soon," with hashtags which means the game is scheduled for next year.
http://twitter.com/ #! / HudsonSoftLtd/status/119880429175185408

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remains is competitive Plants vs. Zombies

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Still cool, even in pea green.
Metroid series is so full of prequels and sequels that it is difficult to say where exactly Metroid II : Back Samus
sits on the story. It
definitely takes place after the original

Metroid , if that helps. The adventure sees the intergalactic bounty hunter, head in the world at home Metroid, SR388, its mission to eradicate every last one to absorb the energy beings. The classic Game Boy From now on store 3DS.

also involved in the eShop and DSiWare is the tower defense (or less) the title

Come On! Heroes

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before venturing to sell steam Fall page, reciting his mantra silently adjusting the resistance: "I do not time to play these games. I have not even finished
Skyrim. All these little costs add up over time. " and Now that you've done and shows a wave
Membership attempt to be frugal, you will feel less guilty when they buy. LA Noire: The complete edition

wants $ 24.99 Joystiq
Fallout: New Vegas

five dollars and

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Around this time last year, Sony announced that it had shipped just over 4 million units of its games movement device, PlayStation move. Then, in early April, five months after the company announced again some new shipment of about $ 8 million, doubling the original number sent. Unfortunately for Sony, apparently the last seven months have not maintained the momentum, with 1 million added to the total quantity shipped (about $ 9 million in total), according to industry players. > As usual, Sony does not give hard numbers really


Joystiq. It makes sense, however, that if retailers have only ordered another 1 million units leading to the holiday season, the device is unlikely to be sold, for example, Walter White crystal meth (buns are


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Join Vicarious Visions, a game developers the most dynamic and creative in the gaming industry for over 15 years, VV games have been pushing the technical limitations to deliver addictive gameplay and immersive art that the two characters and worlds to life on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPhone, and many other platforms. Vicarious Visions, located in Albany, New York, has received rave reviews with titles like Marvel Ultimate Alliance ® 2A, Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero: On Tour ®

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Join Vicarious Visions, a game developers the most dynamic and creative in the gaming industry for over 15 years, VV games have been pushing the technical limitations to deliver addictive gameplay and immersive art that the two characters and worlds to life on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPhone, and many other platforms. Vicarious Visions, located in Albany, New York, has received rave reviews with titles like Marvel Ultimate Alliance ® 2A, Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero: On Tour ®

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? "alt =" Click here to read What happens when Dragons Spawn 50
Skyrim >? "src =" http://cache.kotaku.com/assets/images/9/2011/11/small_aa3776f99e62e92f29eade6f32e83aef.jpg "width = 190 height = 120>

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