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04/29/2010 Director-General Apple Hits Back At Adobe Apple CEO Hits Back At Adobe

Apple CEO Steve Jobs issued a lengthy explanation Goods decision not to support Adobe Flash on iPhone, IPod and iPad.

Adobe described his decision as primarily business driven, they say that we want to protect our App Store, but in reality it is based on technical issues, says Jobs. Adobe claims that we have a closed system, and that Flash is open, but in fact the opposite is true.


04/30/2010 Apple App rejects iClubSeal, PETA applauds

because it contains the "unwanted content." Smith was informed of the decision on Tuesday in an e-mail from Apple (check out this YouTube video to get an idea of the game in action).

Matt Smith can 't understand why Apple rejected iSealClub: More


04/29/2010 Gameloft posts 7% quarterly revenue growth

04/30/2010 Marvel planning to adapt the game to download Flash Platform
Marvel's executive vice president Ira Rubinstein says that comics company is experimenting with in-depth flash games (not to be confused with the games on u DC ' Flash ), And that he 's looking to bring out the most popular online mini-games for the console download services. s strategy of comic company book from the perspective of the game was "as a pilot system for TV," he said today at the audience 's LA Games Conference .

The plan was to invent a lot of Flash games and posting them on Marvel with 'Sites very quickly. Now there are some hits (he cited the example Super Hero Squad Stark Tower Defense game ) And the next step for a company focused on improving and supporting those impressions on platforms like XBLA, iPhone and iPad.

Rubinstein says, "a combination of the classic game of brand twist," as that found in Stark Tower Defense is that 's sale to the audience. And he said that the big sales, as in Marvel v. Capcom 2 Proved that the self space, there 'to play Marvel to downloadable gaming platforms, so it makes sense to invest in Flash "hit", taking them there. What is good in us - let us know when we can pay $ 10 for our Deadpool Match-3 on the PSN.

JoystiqMarvel planning to adapt the game to download Flash Platform originally appeared at Joystiq on Fri, 30 April 2010 2:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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04/30/2010 Telltale shows Puzzle agent and 's really weird

Telltale reveals Puzzle Agent and it's really weird screenshot

Telltale has just been little meeting here in San Francisco, where they showed just what the hell is iPhone full gum case. Telltale has introduced a new game, as well as a new initiative called the pilot program. Telltale to release all the quaint little names that others won 't touch "and the pilot program is their way to get even more bizarre concept there.

Puzzle Agent is the first new title to appear in the pilot program. It 's adventure puzzle game in the style Professor Layton series. The art of game made by Graham Annable And Telltale is working with Annable lead players merge their signature narrative skills and Annable 's unique art style.

This collaboration has created Puzzle Agent And 'pretty freaking weird.

Puzzle Agent (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, WiiWare)
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
To be released: June 2010

Puzzle Agent Nelson follows the cable, a lone FBI 's Puzzle Investigations. Nelson goes to Scoggins, Minnesota, to find out why the city 's an eraser factory was closed. Nelson soon discovers that the town is hiding a secret, and 'is up to you to find out what' is.

Art Annable 'style is very simplistic, but something about him extremely charming. Above a clip from the game, when Nelson found a red elf. Elf looks like the elves from this video - And this is only the elves may have some connection to close from the eraser factory and the city 's little secret.

We only saw a glimpse Puzzle Agent , But from what I saw, this game has potential. Annable has a very dark sense of humor, and Telltale is well known for their humorous game. Combine the two and it looks like a match made in heaven. Check next week, as Telltale will be more on Puzzle Agent ,, Including pricing information.

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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04/28/2010 Jason Rohrer Anthology gravitate to DSiWare [update]
Diamond Trust London t, the strategy called for the diamond trade, is not it "just a game of Dream Death designer Jason Rohrer, headed by the Nintendo DS. ESRB lists "Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology" from 3 to Rohrer 's previous games in the series, published Sabarasa Entertainment .

Included in the set Gravitation 2 player Between And Rohrer 's most famous games Passage , Which is also available on the iPhone . This collection of DS, it will be another option for those who want to feel terrible about his death, on the move.

Sabarasa 's recent press releases List of Alt-Play collection as 'upcoming project, "and confirm that it' s done for the platform DSiWare. Of course, this makes sense, since download: it may be three games, but it is a very short 3 game.

[Update: Sabarasa press release also noted that with the mystery Rohrer 'games Primrose will be released separately on DSiWare.]

JoystiqJason Rohrer Anthology gravitate to DSiWare [update] originally appeared on Joystiq Wed April 28 2010 10:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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04/29/2010 Review: 2010 FIFA World Cup

Review: 2010 FIFA World Cup screenshot

Get a quick pass to the top of the window in the qualifying match against Denmark, the Albanian striker Hamdi Salihi fired a neat ball through keeper Thomas Srensen in the lower right corner of the goal.

In the midst of his triumph, I had left bumper on my controller and turn on the right stick back and forth, which prompted Salihi in the series - for want of a better word - a jump down, the latter of which hit the defender Daniel Agger in the face.

After scoring the second goal, I was trying to do somersaults Salihi his way into the crowd shouted, furious Danes. He hit an invisible wall, not far from the sideline on the way there and back on the field at the same time to save him, of course, on pain of dismemberment and weakening slightly 2010 FIFA World Cup importance of entertainment.

I do not know why I decided to EA should be able to hit Daniel Agger in the face, but it prevented me from martyring themselves for the cause - in this case, the terrible state of the Albanian football. But I digress. Theres something rotten in the state of Denmark, it seems.

2010 FIFA World Cup (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 [reviewed], Wii, PlayStation Portable, iPhone)
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports
Release date: April 27, 2010
Retail Price: $ 59.99

Kidding! 2010 FIFA World Cup - World Cup From this moment - in fact very good.

In an ideal world, this review will be called World Cup Or How I Learned to Quit bitching and love Iterative design, but the iteration Dont cheap 60 bones pop. In a move that somewhat reduces the Electronic Arts (successful) attempt to cash in on World Cup, EA Canada did a little (less successfully) to improve the basic game. Frankly, I expected EA to slap new character models for FIFA 10 with the engine, add 199 national teams to balance, and call it a day, but 2010 FIFA World Cup maybe a barebones environment, my favorite installment to date.

World Cup s improved dribble, pass by, as well as collision detection, in conjunction with a balanced defensive AI will lead to a more rapid pace, more flexible and more creative game than the relatively rigid FIFA 10 . Turning sensitivity worn across the board, which leads to more 50-50 balls, pushing and more. World Cup also adds a lot of stupid conduct complex moves - fake shots and dummy runs, for example - but that doesn't preserve the basic step-overs and drag defenders to be more effective than ever. This may be the first time in the past FIFA payments that dribbling is a viable option for the average player.

In my experience, every FIFA game was at least one major defensive gap: between 06 and 08 , Crosses and set pieces of the easiest ways to assess, in 09 Offsides beating the trap is almost always a result of one-on-one with the keeper, but 10 , Slow construction and several passages in the upper part of the windows were ahem , Super efficient. World Cup with the defensive AI has been re-embossed, but at least for now, all notorious roads lead to Rome, on the reverse side, and all your offensive tools - passing, dribbling, crossing - it seems designed to exploit this newfound Balance in a cool, creativity.

But this is not all cupcakes and skittles, when it comes to FIFA with the defensive AI, which allows us to solve it, perennial bugbear. My last complaint is that World Cup artificial and arbitrary nerfs defensive player on the weak teams, making them slow as frozen molasses. Instead of defensive weakness is manifested in missed tackles, gaps in tactical awareness, poorly represented here, as slowly. Not only did he join the reality - Ima mediocre football player, because Im not good Not because I'm running, I have hemorrhoids - but it's also kind of Wangs all those wonderful things that I just said about the defensive AI (assuming Youre playing with weak teams).

And better or worse, you could find yourself playing with weaker teams frequently. World Cup

Single player options on the standard - Quick Start Match Mode Scenario Mode (which will be updated with scripts, with this year's World Cup), and is expected World Cup mode. If I do not spend a lot of space on them, its not because they 're bad, but because EA Sports have their performance to science: these results are reproducible.

It should be noted, however, as poorly executed World Cup

The problem is two-fold: World Cup visually shows that the players will be able to control players, as usual, which simply does matter, and when the ball is on the other side of the field, players can no longer see themselves, even if the coach is your rating. Drifting from the "outside game" or drop lowers rating of the player, even if you literally can not see your player for half of a match . Somehow I do not think that causes frustration and helplessness! Will do it in any promotional material the World Cup.

The last major update to attention World Cup FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play .

Im reluctant to use, if X, Y, then the construction, and Ill leave you with this summary: the absence of a viable Be A Pro-Esk mode markedly - especially in light of cheaper FIFA 10 hefty one player - but World Cup with games and online modes are the main class, despite a few mistakes. E. Canadas FIFA solid foundation, so it is hard to imagine a world in which World Cup could only be bad, or not its worth $ 60 between you, God, and Daniel Agger who, recall, was recently kicked in the face.

Account : 8 t surprise of all - the Great (8S impressive efforts with a few noticeable problems holding them back. Won ', but worth your time and money.)

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03/29/2010 PAX East Group: Control on Xbox LIVE: Tales of Din, Part 2

This is the full sound of Stepto in panel PAX East.

Recorded on Sunday, March 28, 2010 in East-PAX in Boston, MASS

Show details:

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Email at large - on the Xbox - dot com with comments about the show.

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[[[Full Instrument Screwdriver Torx Kit Repair Replace Apple Iphone 2G 3G GPS Ipod Video Touch Nano Scratch Cracked separate LCD Display]]]


More review here

Order it can lead you to think that you would be a useful tool iPhone. Thus, even if it was free you would have been worse.

It's a neat set of tools, but if you plan to repair IPod touch, get a cheap hobby knife xacto Stanley knife, they work much better

Dont waste your time on this set. If I could give zero stars I want. Both plastic tools that take the phone apart clicked on the first attempt. I WANT my money back!

More complete tool screwdriver Torx Kit Repair Replace Apple Iphone 2G 3G GPS Ipod Video Nano Touch Cracked Scratch separate LCD screen


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SyFy channel for Red Faction film

SyFy channel to produce Red Faction film screenshot

Earlier this month Danny Bilson from THQ, mentioned in interviews that Red Faction

The pairing will also work on the adaptation of certain properties with SyFy ", as video games. Now, THQ is working hard to adapt Ghost Hunters for DS, iPhone and iPad.

Red Faction function can be decent. There ', of course, a lot of opportunities for gritty, the action drama in the setting. And I must say, I 'm often surprised SyFy' s original content, in particular a number of them. If they can produce something half as impressive as Battlestar Galactica , We 're in good shape.

Syfy Expanding Video Game Business [Broadcasting and Cable via Joystiq ]

8-Bit rebellion! Playing in iPhone Linkin Park game
Linkin Park 8-Bit rebellion!, New games for the iPad, IPod Touch and iPhone, pits players against evil company "Pixxelkorp, which aims to ruin games with high-resolution graphics. Players who have completed the game will exclusive unreleased songs Linkin Park-called black thrushes. Game, released Monday, also has a new 8-bit remixes more [...]
Street 'Fighter 4 iPhone' Getting more character Free Update
As one of the most expensive Games iPhone, coming in at $ 9,99, "Street Fighter 4" still managed to bring in a ton of fans with a surprisingly accurate adaptation of the console hit. It appears that your 10 bucks will be stretched a little further, as a free upgrade on the road, which [...]
Football Manager Handheld iPhone Review
Our hands-on sentence.
We got our fingers on the world 's favorite football management simulator, as is the case with the iPhone this week, and we were very impressed indeed by giving it a 9 out of 10.

Click here to read the full article
Football Manager announced iPhone
Football Manager Announced For iPhone

Sports Interactive have announced Football Manager Handheld 2010 for IPod Touch and the iPhone today.

The game already has critics across the board. Edges sister site CVG finished Football Manager Handheld 2010 iPhone review, giving the game 9.0 out of 10 .


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This is what you LL 'will play Farmville on this summer?.
Projected images of Apple 's next generation iPhone, dubbed '4 G', leaked onto the Internet.

The website cannot display the page HTTP 500 Most likely causes: The website is under maintenance. The website has a programming error. What you can try: Refresh the page. Go back to the previous page. More information This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying.For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.
From two years to two months: Convert Studio

Director Blue Fang Games 'online and mobile games are considered properly develop the studio, developing integrated, long-cycle products in 1, which is fast on Facebook and iPhone arenas.

Sega West explains CEO reorganization

Mike Hayes details the effects of structural adjustment, with the closing of the Iron Man 2 studio '; promises to the original downloadable IP, weighs in on Saturn, rereleases Dreamcast era.

Yesterday, Sega confirmed the dismissal of more than 70 employees in North America and Europe offices, and announced a restructuring that will see a new digital division of workers from San Francisco. Today, Sega Western President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Hayes said with GameSpot to better explain what effect the restructuring will have on the publisher.

Sega West President and CEO Mike Hayes.

In addition to explaining the new digital separation "from the role in the company, Hayes was raised several other issues, including this month 's closure of the studio, formerly known as the Secret level

GameSpot : Will Sega have any domestic retail trade is conducted in the U.S. will be next?

Mike Hayes

S. : Golden Axe: Beast Rider t instead of 'set the world on fire, but I was under the impression, Iron Man did well, and continue to have considerable hopes on him. Why close the studio and is now away from this?

Hays said the decision Sega ", to close the developer Iron Man 2 does not show movie adaptation of its quality. The game will be released on May 4.


We did the same thing in Europe three years ago with the Sega Racing Studio. Quality of Sega Rally was very high. This issue has been in the driving genre. What could we do next? And it was a problem. We could not 't decide what was the reason for closure.

S. : Will this affect the number of external partners that you have in the U.S., or will they continue as they are?


S. : Will Sega 's European studios and partners to handle the same way, digital development, as they were before, or will it be taken off their plate and put in San Francisco?

MH : Management and leadership will come from [San Francisco], but we 're totally agnostic in terms of where the developer. We want to make sure that we get the right product at the right quality and right price. Lee, that 'in Europe or Asia or America, it's really multisites interaction between plasmin question' for us.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 one step in the design Sega ", to expand its electronic catalog for rereleases.

S. : This has no downloadable content, right? These additions will simply engage in any studio made the original product?


S. : Sega 's digital distribution strategy to date seems to be using it as a way to get the value from the directory. With the exception of Happy Tree Friends, all of your names rereleases arcade or console hits. Should we expect more original titles like Sonic 4 or more original intellectual property in the future?


S. : You mentioned the Genesis and Super Monkey Ball. For all retro and catalog titles, 've corrected, these two things bookend the dead period of Saturn and the Dreamcast, where many of these games just Aren' t be returned or made available to people. This is what you 're looking to change?

MH : It 's certainly something that we' re looking, yes. But at the moment, we 've do not have a solid plan in terms of release.

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